Teaching in Laos

Monique Fahey puts her lessons to work in Laos.

“I’ve always had a real passion for education, and I love working with children and witnessing their growth and development over time. I’ve also always had a love for volunteering and the desire to teach in a foreign country, so when I saw an advertisement offering a scholarship to work with GVI (community development program coordinator), I immediately sent in an application.

I won the scholarship and chose to come to Laos as it’s a small country that I’d never previously imagined visiting. I realised that the more time I spent in a place the more I could contribute, so I decided to join the six-month internship program. I’m spending five weeks of my placement in Namthuam, a small village about three hours from Luang Prabang City.

The students here in Laos have such a strong desire to learn. They give everything 110 per cent and are extremely appreciative of their teachers. Being able to see firsthand how important education is for enhancing an individual’s life — and recognising the impact a good teacher can have on this — has only increased my passion for the field.

I love being able to look back on the progress that’s been made from when we first met until now. Seeing the joy on students’ faces, or the look of accomplishment they get when they learn something new, always strengthens my love for the job.

I truly believe that education is the most important and powerful tool a person can possess.”

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