Public health: a private mission

What do you do if you want to work in health, but you hate needles?

Amy Hatherall
Bachelor of Applied Public Health

“Why public health? I have a passion for helping others and for health in general. I considered doing nursing or medical research but I’m not very good with needles. Public health enables me to be more community-minded, more hands-on and to advocate for health.

There have been a lot of health issues in my family. I love that I’ve learnt more about those and how to prevent problems for myself, live a healthier lifestyle and advocate the same to others.

I’m halfway through my degree, and we’ve been doing volunteer work in health promotion for three weeks in northern Thailand. We conducted research, interviewed monks and locals, and visited a hill tribe village.

Right now I’m in training for a big bike ride from Melbourne to Cairns for Steer North, a health promotion charity. Thirty of us of us will be on the ride, stopping at towns along the way to promote and inspire people to live healthier lifestyles.

I see myself working in health promotion towards preventing cancer, asthma, diabetes, mental illness and other non-communicable diseases. I’d like to help educate people about preventative measures before they have to go to the doctor.

At ACU, I’ve gained a lot more confidence. The activities in the class and the group projects mean I’ve developed my communication and public speaking skills. It’s been good for both my personal and professional growth.”

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