Working from the heart in business

Cassandra Metlege is someone who chose to pursue a business career with heart.

If we’re asked to consider the traditional caring professions, most of us think of a sympathetic hand-holding nurse or a valiant social worker fighting the good fight. Someone with a business and commerce career… not so much. But the business world is a big one. Giving back, making a positive impact, and building a career with meaning is in fact possible with a business background.

Cassandra Metlege is someone who chose to pursue a business career with heart. Giving back while still utilising her commerce skills led to a coveted graduate role in human resources and payroll with The Smith Family.

Cassandra has thrived in her new workplace, happy in the knowledge that she has successfully secured a job that makes an impact.

“Working for The Smith Family gave me the satisfaction of knowing I was adding value to the greater good of the community through helping break the poverty cycle,”

“From the cleaner to the CEO, every minute we put into our work was benefitting disadvantaged Australian families through the power of education.”

Cassandra wasn’t always so sure she was making a difference with her HR and payroll responsibilities, until one memorable phone call changed her mind.

“I’ll never forget speaking to a team member in The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program in the Pilbara in Western Australia,” she said. “She told me all about the amazing work the team was doing with local Indigenous Australians and I said to her, ‘thank you for doing such an amazing job’. And she said to me, ‘no, thank you. You pay us every fortnight, which means that we can do our job’. In that moment, I realised just how important and valued each and every role was in the organisation.”

Cassandra Metlege completed a Bachelor of Commerce at ACU.

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