Social work

If social work is your calling, you’ll get the chance to empower people to better their lives, promote social change, and improve their relationships.

Develop your ability to create possibility

A range of opportunities

As a graduate, you’ll be ready to work in a range of areas such as community development, group work, family work, case-management, policy analysis and development, research, social action and program planning.

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Community development
Group or family work
Case management
Policy analysis and development
Social action
Program planning

Stories from social work

Social work
Agent of change
As an undercover journalist in Zimbabwe at the height of Mugabe’s regime, Felix Machiridza was forced to live and work covertly to survive.
Social work
Move forward by giving back
For April Sheppeard, being a social worker is all about making a difference.

Meet our people

Professor Robert Bland
Professor of Social Work

Professor Robert Bland has worked in the mental health field as a social work practitioner, researcher and teacher over many years and has published extensively in this area. His research interests include the welfare of families of people with serious mental illness, recovery theory, practice standards, ethics and spirituality.

April Sheppeard
Social work student

“I love learning about child protection and new policies and procedures that are in play to essentially protect and advocate for children within the out-of-home care system.

My goal is to make an impact within the family and community services sector. I want to be an inspiring, strong-willed, goal-focused Indigenous woman who supports and advocates for young children, youth, and families. And I want to make a difference within the system.”