When you’re a scientist, you’re a pioneer of change and discovery. And you could find yourself exploring new ways of curing or treating disease, researching new medical techniques, or contributing towards a more sustainable world.

Discover your world through a world of discovery

A range of opportunities

You can choose to study science, biomedical science or environmental science. And as our graduate, you’ll be equipped to enter a career in the research, commercial or education aspects of science. Your skills in analysis, problem solving and decision making will mean you’re employable by a range of industries, not only ‘science-based’ organisations.

Explore the range of courses that we offer at If you don’t meet the state-based requirements for entry into your degree, don’t panic. There are various ways to get into ACU. Explore our pathways to get started.

Biomedical science
Environmental science

Stories from science

The reality of a science career
Think it’s all fingerprints in a flash, quick criminal convictions, and DNA in a day? Think again.
Rivers of knowledge
Indigenous hydrogeologist Bradley Moggridge is passionate about the fusion of traditional knowledge and western science, and is on a mission to protect our water.

Meet our people

Dr Cliff Seery
Deputy Head of School of Science NSW and Lecturer

Dr Cliff Seery is an ecotoxicologist and lecturer in environmental science with experience in research, teaching and consulting.

His research interests lie primarily in the field of aquatic toxicology, and as such, he is passionate about developing new means with which we are able to assess and monitor the impacts of pollution. He also undertakes research that aids our understanding of the environmental harm caused by emerging contaminants and changing climates.

Jerome Love
Biomedical science student

“We’ve got some fantastic tutors and I’m really enjoying all my classes. Being able to dissect and look at a sheep’s kidney and a sheep’s brain — that was one of my favourites!

I’m worried about cuts to public health, wealth inequality and the cutting of social services in general. It’s one of the topics we discussed when we did healthcare ethics during two weeks on the Rome campus of ACU. It was like being on the set of Q&A!”