Psychology and counselling

Do you want to use your knowledge and experience to help others? As a psychologist or counselor, you’ll empower others to improve their lives. And gain the skills to make a real difference to individuals and the community.

Making sense of the world makes a world of sense

A range of opportunities

Your career in psychology or counselling can follow many paths. You can work in child welfare or adolescent counselling, community work or health, education, corrective services, family or child services, transcultural and refugee agencies, and so much more.

Explore the range of courses that we offer at If you don’t meet the state-based requirements for entry into your degree, don’t panic. There are various ways to get into ACU. Explore our pathways to get started.

Child welfare or adolescent counselling
Community work or health
Corrective services
Family or child services
Transcultural and refugee agencies

Stories from psychology and counselling

Psychology and counselling
Finding a forbidden language
Toltu Tufa prints children’s books in Oromo, a language once forbidden in Ethiopia.
Psychology and counselling
Psychology where you least expect it
A psychology degree can lead to a wide range of roles, many unexpected.

Meet our people

Associate Professor Leah Brennan
School of Psychology

Associate Professor Leah Brennan specialises in the application of psychology approaches to understanding and treating eating, weight and body image concerns. She is particularly interested in the development, evaluation, and dissemination of evidence-based interventions for the treatment in these areas.

Associate Professor Brennan works closely with a range of hospital, community and private treatment services to maximise the impact of her research.

Toltu Tufa
Psychology student

“My passion is helping people in diverse communities to get better access to health care, particularly for mental health.

If you have a healthy mind and a healthy perception you are more likely to achieve your goals. I believe it’s all about mental state. ACU helped me achieve the right mindset to finish my studies, so now I can facilitate a similar mindset with people I work with.”