Philosophy’s foundations lie with the beginning of Western civilisation, but studying philosophy today is a practical choice. It gives you skills needed for every life, and every profession. That’s because it deepens your thinking, and teaches you to analyse, understand and engage with complex ideas. So start a conversation, challenge your thinking, and ask the big questions.

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A range of opportunities

Take philosophy as part of the double degree, or as a major in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology. In addition to these courses, a philosophy minor (usually four units) can be completed in the Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and the Bachelor of Commerce.

Explore the range of courses that we offer at If you don’t meet the state-based requirements for entry into your degree, don’t panic. There are lots of ways into philosophy at ACU. Explore our pathways to get started.

Pastoral work
Youth and social work

Stories from philosophy

Famous philosophy students
Some of the world’s most famous faces have studied philosophy — some rather unexpectedly.
Life as a Cambridge student
A Cambridge University student, Nathan Lyons is walking the path of some of history’s greatest minds.

Meet our people

Dr Richard Colledge
Senior Lecturer and Head of the School of Philosophy

Dr Richard Colledge has been Head of the School of Philosophy since 2011, and teaches across various areas in contemporary philosophy and the history of philosophy.

His research and publications address several areas, including (mainly German) phenomenology and hermeneutics, the history of metaphysics, the philosophy of religion, as well as questions in meta-philosophy, and philosophical psychology. He is currently working on a book manuscript on the idea of the real in the writings of Martin Heidegger.

Harrison Pugh
Philosophy student

“The staff are more helpful than I could have ever expected. I feel like my lecturers truly do want me to succeed in study and in life.

Meeting other like-minded people is one of the best parts of studying my degree. The depth of resources that are made available to pursue knowledge as far as it can go is incredible. I want to awaken a fresh understanding of the importance of theology and philosophy in a well-rounded life.”