Do you see yourself promoting health? Preventing disease? A career in public health means improving the wellbeing of populations, and your work could impact anyone from a local individual to a whole international community.

A world of wellbeing is a world of well beings

A range of opportunities

As a graduate, you could find yourself promoting educational health campaigns to empower the public, helping others overcome mental illness, or influencing vital policy. Potential roles include public health officer, community development worker, epidemiologist, policy analyst, program evaluator, health educator, project officer and consumer advocate.

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Public health officer
Community development worker
Policy analyst
Program evaluator
Health educator
Project officer
Consumer advocate

Stories from health

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Meet our people

Associate Professor Shawn Somerset
National Discipline Leader — Public Health

Associate Professor Shawn Somerset leads the ACU national program in public health. He has tertiary qualifications in nutrition and in infectious disease immunology. He has worked in government, industry and university sectors on food and nutrition-related projects in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

His general field of interest relates to how the world is fed, the various controls, barriers and facilitators involved, and how the expanding world population will find food into the future. An overarching theme of this work is based on issues of fairness and equity in access to healthy diets.

Lucy Read
Public health student

“My favourite things about studying at ACU are the small class sizes, one-on-one teacher support, and the overall relaxed atmosphere on campus.

I want to give all young Australians the opportunity to live long and healthy lives by reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity in our country. With my background in exercise science and public health I hope to have the skills and knowledge to help tackle this huge health issue.”