Allied health

Allied health practitioners help us live life to the fullest. They’re the ones who get us back on the pitch after a sporting injury, help us overcome that stutter, and teach us to walk again.

Your strength may be helping others regain theirs

A range of opportunities

Choose from courses in occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy, and postgraduate programs in rehabilitation.

Explore the range of courses that we offer at If you don’t meet the state-based requirements for entry into your degree, don’t panic. There are various ways to get into ACU. Explore our pathways to get started.

Occupational therapy
Speech pathology

Stories from allied health

Allied health
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Allied health
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Meet our people

Dr Klaus Gebel
Senior Lecturer, School of Allied Health

Dr Klaus Gebel’s main research area is the relationship between built environments and physical activity. Dr Gebel has studied and worked at seven universities in three countries and has received multiple scholarships and awards.

Through the media, his 2015 paper in JAMA Internal Medicine on how different proportions of moderate and vigorous physical activity affect mortality reached more than 1.1 billion people. He was also invited to present the findings from this study in a TEDx talk. Recently, Dr Gebel co-edited the book Walking — connecting sustainable transport with health, which brings together experts from urban planning, transportation and public health.

Henry Jones
Physiotherapy student

“I love how hands-on all of my subjects are. The teachers make sure there are lots of practical classes to ensure we get plenty of time to practice all of the manual techniques we’re learning, and there’s always a staff member around to give us tips and help out.

Physio is a career where you get the chance to help people get moving and functioning again. I hope to make an impact by assisting people to achieve their sporting goals and to extend their active life for as long as they possibly can.”